"Natures, cultures, subjects, and objects do not preexist their intertwined worldings. Companion species are relentlessly becoming-with." —Donna Haraway
Become Here with Me is a site-specific performance that uses the space as an instrument and canvas to reveal the ways countless more-than-human beings continuously make our places.
The performance uses acoustic feedback to dissolve the sound of the audience into a soundscape generated by the space itself, a process I cultivated in In Silence They Sing. As sound is replayed and re-recorded, the space selects its own resonant frequencies and dampens others. Field recordings and archival footage from the surrounding area project onto the envelope, juxtaposing time periods and themes. A list of footage and attributions can be found here.
This work sits in a lineage of many sources, namely: Peter Berg’s bioregionalism, Donna Haraway’s “becoming-with,” David Abram’s more-than-human phenomenology, Alvin Lucier’s procedural sound art, David McConville’s geographic projection art, and all those who become-with me wherever I am.
This video includes highlights from a one-hour performance in Berkeley, CA. It begins with a fast-forward of the more extended process of dissolving the sound of the audience into the resonant frequencies of the space.

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